A Yorkshire free, fair and fun for all?

Just over a year ago in the wake of the Scottish referendum, @ianeastleeds made this video.

Is it still relevant a year later? Are we any closer to a Yorkshire free, fair and fun for all? Do we have any more answers?

What do you think?


One comment

  1. Darren Stansfield · February 15, 2016

    I saw Ian’s video when he first posted it and I found it truly inspirational. I have subsequently got involved with several local devolution movements, notably Yorkshire First and Hannah Mitchell. Sadly in the intervening year the hopes for rapid and radical change have largely been quashed by conservatives (with a small c) in both political parties. My disappointment in the labour party is particularly marked. It now appears we are engaged in a generational struggle… Nevertheless the ideals Ian laid out remain as true today as they were a year ago.


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