Same Skies collective – Who are we? What do we want?

Following our ‘What Kind of Region Do We Want To Live In?’ event in Manningham, Bradford in November 2015, the organising group have become the Same Skies collective – working for a hopeful, fair, prosperous and inclusive regional democracy.

The collective’s priorities are: 

– enabling ‘unheard’ voices to be heard as effectively as possible.

– encouraging the democratisation of devolutionary processes towards self-determination.

 – identifying and supporting positive ideas for regional democracy.

 – engaging with people across political parties and of none whilst also ensuring that the collective engages on its own terms and doesn’t allow itself to become a tool of any one political party.

 The founding members of the collective are:

 – Leila Taleb @leilastaleb

 – Yoshiko Stokoe @notyosheeko

– Ed Carlisle @edleeds (of @t4pleeds)

 – Alex Schafran @alexschafran

 – Andrew Wilson @hannahfestival

 – Ian Martin @ianeastleeds

All founding members of the Same Skies collective live and work in West Yorkshire.

We will often communicate via our:

Facebook page

– Twitter @SameSkiesBlog




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